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We feel a responsibility to not only ensure employee benefits represent excellent value but also that these are managed effectively to deliver the best possible outcomes for the employer and employee.

To manage and advise on all the benefits a firm offers to ensure these reflect the broader operational and financial objectives for the business.


Health, Protection & Wellbeing Benefits

Offering employees access to health-related benefits and supporting their promotion through our member engagement services will help deliver success through reduced absence, and increased productivity.

The traditional comprehensive private healthcare provision is increasingly being replaced by more relevant, flexible and valued healthcare benefits which employees access more regularly to enhance their wellbeing.

Life assurance and income protection are the cornerstone of many benefit programmes and provide employees with the peace of mind that should they fall ill or die, their families will receive financial protection.


We take time to understand your business, prepare and present a workplace pension reform assessment report which includes a project timeline.

We validate existing arrangements or recommend a suitable scheme. We will advise on the contribution structure and identify other issues such as changes to employment contracts, nature of enrolment, contribution levels and salary exchange

We create and project manage the implementation to ensure you meet all the regulatory requirements.
In liasion with you, we will produce a communication strategy document, which can include the following:

• Mandatory employee letters
• Fixed and enhanced protection notices
• Employee awareness PowerPoint presentations, with or without audio
• Webinar presentations
• Onsite presentations
• One to one meetings and/or Q&A sessions
• Employee support via telephone or email

Workplace Pensions

The Pensions’ Regulator has published details of what an employer pension scheme should offer and our service is aligned to this guidance. This ensures our clients have compliant, low-risk pension schemes which are highly valued by employees.

There are six elements necessary for pension scheme members to achieve a good outcome from their company pension, which is an adequate income in retirement. Our service is committed to deliver these principles:

• Appropriate contribution decisions
• Appropriate investment decisions
• Efficient and effective administration
• Protection of the pension through governance
• Value for money
• Informed decisions at retirement
Our support for employers
Core services
• Annual scheme governance report
• Annual governance review meeting
• Scheme project planning ‘road-map’
• Unlimited employer helpdesk

Voluntary & Flexible Benefits

We believe that satisfied people make excellent employees. A satisfied employee is likely to be more engaged, more productive, more loyal and less likely to leave.
By thinking from an employee’s perspective about how work fits into their life, employers can deliver a flexible benefit solution which delivers real value

We offer a comprehensive range of attractive and cost-effective benefit choices, exclusive retail discounts and practical employee support tools, all delivered and communicated through a single online platform.

A suite of benefits that simply make your employees’ lives better and will help define you as an employer of choice.
Fully supported by our experienced team, the modular design on our platform means you can start with as few or as many benefit options as you like, and change your solution as your requirements grow.

• The modular voluntary benefit package
• Discounts on employees’ everyday lifestyle spend
• Total reward statements
• Internal communications and storage network
• Information and guidance on money matters

Employee Engagement

In our experience many employers rely on information provided during induction periods to educate employees on the benefits they provide. These may be supplemented with periodic communications but the onus is on the employee to read, and more crucially understand the information they receive. In reality, employees don’t always take the time to read the information they receive and if they do, this is rarely truly understood.

Wingate believe there is a responsibility to ensure benefits represent excellent value and deliver the best possible outcomes and to achieve this, employees must truly understand the benefits they receive and the value they provide. Our service proposition is designed to achieve these goals.
Supporting employees

We encourage employees to contact us in order to help educate them on the benefits they are entitled to receive but also reduce the burden of enquiries on the employer’s HR and management teams.

• Group benefit presentations or roadshows
• One-page member guides for each benefit offered
• “How to claim” guides for healthcare and protection schemes
• Pension and financial education clinics
• Webex presentations to groups or individuals
• Individual consultations on pensions and the broader benefits

Business Protection

The loss of influential individuals through death or serious illness can be hugely detrimental to a company’s financial position, yet this vulnerability is often overlooked when considering the firms insurance needs.

We can provide advice and insurance solutions to protect against these risks.


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