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Willis Towers Watson’s GB Health & Benefits team helps thousands of clients across the UK to reduce the risks associated with their employees. Through a combination of benefits broking, consultancy services and clinical expertise, we help businesses to:

• Review and enhance their benefit plan design
• Optimise benefit financing
• Manage and reduce absence
• Manage and control costs associated with medical inflation and rising premium costs
• Implement effective benefits governance
• Meet duty of care and legislative obligations



There is a wealth of evidence to support the assertion that looking after your employees’ health delivers dividends on many fronts.
Research shows that benefits play an important role when making a decision to work for a company and in forming ongoing perceptions of employer’s attitudes to employee wellbeing.
Private medical insurance

  • Cash plans
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal accident
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Dental insurance
  • Eye healthcare services

Risk Benefits:

  • Group life, group critical illness and group income protection all provide a popular but affordable and tax-efficient financial safety net for employees.
  • Life assurance
  • Group income protection
  • Critical illness
  • Dependants’ death in service – DISP…

Benefits Technology:

We believe passionately in the power of technology to strip out the old inefficiencies associated with the administration of employee benefits.
With our sophisticated proprietary benefits administration software suite, we can dramatically simplify the benefits enrolment, selection and delivery process. The technology typically cuts benefits processing time from days to minutes, helping us to deliver market-leading customer service and quick, efficient results for our clients.

  • Benefits Marketplace
  • Benefits Engine
  • Benefits Insights

Absence & claims management

We’re trusted by some of the UK’s largest employers to help cut the cost of employee illness by measuring, managing and minimising levels of sickness absence.
We can help you to identify problem areas, get staff back to full health (and the workplace) faster and reduce levels of absence in the first place.
We are fully flexible. You can call us for a one-off pre-employment health screening – or we can run your entire employee absence management programme for you.

  • Claims and absence administration
  • Absence consulting services
  • Healthcare Concierge

Advisory services

Willis Towers Watson uses its operational and analytical expertise to best advise organisations on how to transform their benefit strategy and deliver an engaging experience borne from data-driven insights.

With a market-leading database collating the latest benefits information from thousands of leading organisations, companies can benchmark their benefits provision against their competitors and peers, whilst benefitting from bespoke, insight-led consultancy services.
Employee experience lies at the heart of our integrated approach to benefit design and management, with maximum benefit spend value, legislative and regulatory compliance and robust governance also a top priority.

  • Business protection
  • Benefits consulting
  • Benefits modelling
  • Benefits benchmarking

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