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Virgin Pulse, founded in 2004 as part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, designs technology that cultivates good lifestyle habits for your employees. Configured to complement your culture, our technology, and the overall wellbeing experience we deliver, drives superior outcomes for your people and your business.

Virgin –

One of the world’s most recognised and respected brands is known for creating unrivaled consumer experiences. Conceived in 1970 by Branson, the brand believes in insatiable curiosity, smart disruption, heartfelt service, and delightful experiences.
We take those values to heart at Virgin Pulse. We drive more meaningful habits, for more employees, than anyone else. And we’re proud to say we’re changing lives.

The Virgin Pulse PlatformYour People Your Culture. Your Way – 

Virgin Pulse’s market-leading, mobile-first technology solutions infuse wellbeing into the DNA of your organisation and empower your people to achieve success every day.

Many Paths, One Journey – 

Virgin Pulse’s diverse technology solutions span all stages of wellbeing. No matter where your company is on your wellbeing journey today, our solutions are designed to grow with you. Virgin Pulse helps you build competitive advantage and achieve outcomes that matter by cultivating a culture of wellbeing, one that increases employee engagement and loyalty across your organisation.
The bottom line? Happier, healthier, more productive workers and higher performing organisations.

Personalised Wellbeing – 

When it comes to improving overall wellbeing, employees’ goals are unique. We get to know employees, discover their goals, and design an experience to support those goals. We help them change what they want to change, which often drives change across other areas, too.

We create a personalised experience that meets employees where they are on their wellbeing journey, by integrating and analysing employee data from multiple sources, including eligibility files, health assessments, biometrics, interests, platform usage, and more — all while maintaining the highest data privacy, security and compliance standards. Activity, nutrition, sleep, stress, focus, cognition, financial health, personal relationships, philanthropy – whatever helps make them happier human beings – that’s what we care about, and that’s what we support.

As for wearable devices – key tools in building better daily habits – we let them bring what they have, or choose from a wide variety that they like best.

Daily Use – 

The key to building better habits is taking small steps, every day. Our technology, and the experience we provide, makes that fun and easy to do. Members come back day after day to learn more, earn more, track more. They are connecting and sharing with colleagues, competing in challenges, watching their progress and seeing results.

How Can Virgin Pulse’s Solutions Help Your Organisation?

Virgin Pulse’s market-leading technology solutions empower clients to achieve game-changing business outcomes.


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