• February 4, 2020 11:48 am

The Validium Group is the most dynamic Employee Assistance & Wellbeing provider in the UK. Established as a specialist and independent Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider in 1998, Validium is now an integral part of the culture of many successful organisations in the private and public sector, providing industry thought leadership, innovation, value for money and the highest quality standards.

Validium is the only EAP provider worldwide with accreditation to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO27001 (Information Security Management), ISO22301 (Business Continuity Management) and IIP Gold (Investors in People Gold) Standards.

Validium combines sector knowledge with clinical expertise to create bespoke solutions, tailored to the needs of each organisation.

Our services include:

• Employee Assistance Programmes
• Psychological Services
• Critical Incident Management Services
• Training, Resilience and HR Services

Service Details:


In an ideal world, each and every employee would be able to leave their problems at home and focus 100% on their job.
An EAP is an invaluable tool for any organisation, ensuring that good mental health is promoted and facilitated, as well as minimising the impact of any external distractions on employees’ abilities to function or focus while at work.

Validium EAPs integrate several clinically proven counselling programmes with an array of specialist work/life services. Provided alongside a unique, proactive approach to account management and promotion, Validium delivers a service that is highly visible within the customer organisation, is trusted by employees, is fully utilised and, most importantly, provides great results for employees and consequently a real return on investment for the customer organisation.


Half of all absent employees have been off work for more than six weeks.
While an EAP is effective with self-referred cases, a strategic clinical intervention is sometimes required for more complex cases concerning more serious or longer-term psychological issues.
Often, such cases are a real problem for the business to deal with in terms of the cost, the impact on work and the difficulty in gaining a resolution. Validium’s clinically qualified psychological rehabilitation specialists offer no charge initial consultation on the management and treatment options for the work impact of issues such as anxiety, complex bereavement, stress, chronic fatigue and depression.

Validium’s workplace expertise ensures that our specialist, psychological treatments are then tailored to the organisation’s requirements as well as the individual’s situation. Solutions can include return to work programmes, a range of psychological assessments (e.g. fitness for work, neuro-psychological), post-trauma rehabilitation, pain management and psychological interventions (e.g. CBT) to resolve work issues such as absence, performance or behavioural problems.

This service delivers resolution for the organisation and the employee resulting in a visible and positive return on investment.


If not handled correctly, a traumatic incident can quickly escalate into a public relations disaster.
Exposure to any traumatic incident can prove deeply damaging to employees. Critical to limiting any long-term damage and protecting your reputation as an employer is deploying an appropriate response, based on the principles of psychological first aid.

Our team has a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of organisations with employees requiring a great variety of support. Examples of this have included support to employees in the oil and gas industry following explosions, helicopter incidents and hostage taking; support to employees in high street banks following raids and assaults, assistance to manufacturing and construction workers after accidents and injuries and support to call centre staff following the tragic and sudden death of colleagues.


With our expertise in resolving issues affecting the workplace, Validium has developed a range of interventions to enhance organisations’ performance and tackle difficulties. Each service is tailored for the organisation’s requirements, existing provision and constraints.

Tailored, cost-effective services which enhance engagement and effectiveness:

Training – Mental health in the workplace, developing resilience, handling difficult conversations, psychological first aid, stress management, when home comes to work, post incident support

Mediation / Conflict Resolution – 1:1 and group mediations, investigations and conflict management e.g. advisor networks, avoiding formal procedures, reducing conflict costs

Change Management / Outplacement / Coaching – Breaking bad news, 1:1 coaching, outplacement portal, onsite job shops and workshops on managing change, job search and pre-retirement

Resilience Building / Stress Management – Resilience building for teams / individuals, audits and risk assessment, and stress management training

Wellbeing – Wellbeing days, onsite therapies (e.g. massage, reflexology) and workshops (e.g. healthy eating, work/life balance, relaxation)


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