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Since 1997 our passion and expertise has been providing the technology so you can get to the heart of what makes your business tick. Your people.
We help you get the best out of your employees, whilst at the same time, giving the best to your employees.

Our solutions enable businesses to offer an engaging employee journey for corporate and SME employers alike, and to involve staff in the process by helping them understand their rewards and making them aware of benefits they might not know they have.


Attract, retain and motivate the right people with a compelling employee value proposition.
Total Reward Statements demonstrate that you are creating a superior work experience for every member of your workforce and illustrates to them the scale of your investment, showing them their true worth. Whether you deliver this online, as PDFs or as printed statements, we can help you achieve maximum impact.


The people’s choice
Provide employees with a choice of benefits to suit their lifestyle, age or stage of career. It’s simple to deliver a tailor-made package using Rewards Portal™; integrate with your existing benefit providers or select new ones, and open enrolment windows at any time to place control in the hands of your people.


Take time off from spreadsheets
Rewards Portal™ makes it a breeze when it comes to managing, booking and approving annual leave and recording absences, no matter how big your workforce. Conflicting dates are flagged up immediately. No fuss, no wasted time…just one click and everybody’s in the loop.


Create staff loyalty…fast
A successful on-boarding process with the minimum of form filling makes new personnel feel part of the team from the get go and is key to employee longevity. Strengthen the team by welcoming new joiners with a friendly personalised message and provide important or useful information through Rewards Portal™ .


Document management made easy
Store, manage and share documents in one central hub. Access and share your files, quickly, safely and securely. Control and monitor who sees what, and never lose a document again.


Let your people choose their package
It’s easy to let employees choose their own package with voluntary benefits, and many organisations opt for these to give control to their people.


Something for nothing
Everybody likes to make a saving and a discount shopping site is an easy way of giving your people something to brag about. You can use your preferred partner or use one of our integrated providers.


You define the scope
Choosing the right benefits for your people is crucial in keeping them engaged and that is why we do not dictate which benefit providers you can use. Strait Logics prides itself in staying independent of providers, allowing you to pick and choose the best the market has offer. We can help you make the right decision.


Give something tangible and make your people proud
Total Reward Statements and Pension Statements not only demonstrate an employee’s worth in one place, but they also promote corporate identity and value. We have developed many variations of statements over the years, all with unique requirements and differing complexities; our client portfolio proves we are experts in this field! Let us help you manage the whole process, you can even use your preferred suppliers; we can work with any designer and printer to suit your needs.


An out of the box approach to employee benefits
Give your people an engaging employee experience as they access their benefit and reward information 24/7. Rewards Portal™ and our custom builds deliver on smart, simple and affordable solutions, every time.


Keep your staff informed
Mail or upload custom letters to your employees. Take time-off from complex mail merging, alleviate your frustrations and be more timely with your important communications.


Personal documents within easy access
Save time and money straightaway. Upload payslips, employment contracts and other personal documents to Rewards Portal™ – give employees direct access and reduce HR admin.


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