• February 4, 2020 2:08 pm


We are the UK’s leading experts in employee and consumer engagement. We bring people and businesses together, and create experiences that build connections which make a real difference to people’s lives.

From growing employee culture and inspiring success in workplaces, to driving consumer engagement with brands, we give businesses the tools to create lasting change through transforming behaviours, engagement and performance in people.
We believe in bringing people and business together through creativity and excellent service, with our long-standing mission of improving the quality of life of everyone we work with.

Services Offered:

Employee Benefits

Glow solutions help workplaces grow a positive culture by attracting and retaining top talent and increasing employee engagement. We understand that every workplace is different – our mission is not to build a culture for you, but to help nurture and grow the one that already exists.

Incentive and Recognition

Shine solutions inspire a successful workplace culture by incentivising performance and recognising success. We change behaviours and drive outstanding engagement – all focused around your specific business objectives. Never out of a box, we’re all about the experience, always purposeful and always powerful.

Consumer Promotions and Loyalty

Neon solutions drive consumers to your brand – and keep them coming back. As consumer engagement specialist, we know how to influence behaviour. From building brand awareness to driving consumer loyalty, our unique mix of expertise means we can transform the way people interact with your brand.

Government Services

Simple solutions for government and the public sector that focus on achieving financial and social inclusion for people within their communities – the people who need support most. Our expertise in benefits, incentives and payment schemes for businesses and government bodies across the world gives us a unique insight into what people need, how they behave, and how to build connections.


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