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Sense Massage Therapy has been providing on site chair massage in the workplace since January 2000 and we have worked with hundreds of companies across the UK and Ireland.

Our ethos is to work hard for you so you can relax. Sense continually strives to bring the best quality service to the most important aspect of your company, your people.

Providing on site chair massage is an effective addition to any stress management programme that gives immediate results. Regular visits can also help to help reduce absenteeism, turnover and sick days. We will leave your staff happy and energised – guaranteed.

Featured Services –

On Site Chair Massage – 

On-site chair massage is a treatment specifically designed for the workplace, as seated massage is applied in a specially designed chair that is portable and can be set up anywhere.

The chair is adapted to suit each individual and will allow you to fully relax as it takes pressure off the postural muscles that work constantly when you are in the seated position at your desk, as well as the head and neck.

At Sense, we care about your staff and we want them to get the most out of their treatment with us. So unlike others in the industry, each of our therapists will modify the chair massage to suit your staffs’ needs and create a bespoke routine, just for them. For example, if an individual has tight shoulders or a sore lower back, they may require our therapists to concentrate more on this area; in essence, whatever they need, we will provide, to leave them feeling the best they possibly can be. Our therapists always tailor the pressure to the individual and can omit treating certain areas depending on their preferences.

The benefits of on-site massage are numerous and it has been shown to:

help reduce RSI
relax muscles
reduce tension
ease headaches and eyestrain
relieve aches and pains.
More importantly, chair massage treatments have been shown to alleviate the symptoms of stress, so can offer a great relief from the busy workplace, or our busy lives day to day.

Desk Massage – 

Desk massage treatments are a hugely popular office massage treatment due to its flexibility and cost-effeciency, making it a great addition to any workplace wellbeing program or stress management program. These quick and easy treatments will leave your staff feeling refreshed and revitalised, without even having to leave their workstation.

The benefits of desk massage:

Relieves stress and improves mood
Relieves muscular neck and shoulder tension, frequently caused by desk work
Cheapest & most cost-effective office massage treatment
Lots of staff can be treated
No equipment is needed – the massage is given to each staff member in their own chair
No designated space required – great for small offices
Massage works around your staff – team members can raise their hand at a time suitable for them to have their desk massage

Indian Head Massage – 

Indian Head Massage is another very popular workplace therapy.  This effective relaxing therapy is performed with the client in a seated position and is fully clothed.

No oils or creams are used for this treatment.

Our therapists use a range of different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate head, neck, upper back and shoulder areas. This non-invasive treatment can be applied with the minimum of fuss.

The treatments can vary in length to suit your needs. Our standard treatments lengths are 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage:

Reduces stress and anxiety
Helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate
Helps relieve tired eyes and eyestrain
Helps relieve mental fatigue and helps with concentration
Relaxes muscles and nerves to the neck and head

Reflexology – 

The Treatment Reflexology is a gentle complimentary therapeutic treatment. It can be applied to the feet and the hands. The area is cleaned and then pressure is applied by the therapist onto reflex points. The reflexology is applied using the therapist’s hands to the client’s bare feet or hands. The treatment is a holistic healing technique that aims to induce a state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

For each person, the application and the effect of the therapy is very unique.

Our standard treatments lengths are 20 and 30 minutes long. Hand treatments are given seated at a table so that the arms can rest comfortably on it. Foot reflexology treatments can be given on a couch or a low reflexology foot stool.

Mindfulness at Work – 

Mindfulness is the practice of brining attention and focus to this moment in time, to reconnect with our lives and train the individual to truly live in the moment.

It is believed that changing the structure of a person’s thinking will have a significant role in shaping their experiences.

The principles of mindfulness will be taught as well as practical exercises.

It will be suggested that to obtain the most benefit from the class, individuals should call upon the techniques frequently beyond the class and practice them on a regular basis.

The aim is change perceptions, which in turn change our reality and help us cope better with external stress triggers.

The class participants sit on chairs and a large area or room is recommended.

We suggest a class size of approximately 15 participants. Classes last for one hour or can be split in to 2 x 30 minutes.

Office Yoga Classes – 

As one of the leading wellness class providers in the UK, Sense Massage Therapy office yoga is a great addition to any company wellness program. Relax, revitalise and re-energise your team with a group yoga session to help stretch out any tension and empower staff to live better for life!

The Benefits of Yoga at Work:

Yoga will increase endurance, strength and flexibility and is an excellent form of exercise
Reduces stress through mindful movement
Opens the heart and mind to happiness and enlightenment
Gives workers time to relax, recharge and reground
Moderate exercise releases endorphins to improve mood and overall wellbeing

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