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Reward Gateway is culture and client driven. We’re obsessed with putting the “Human” in HR and are proud to have been 100% dedicated to HR for over a decade. Since 2006, we’ve been right by the side of the world’s most innovative HR people, giving them beautiful products and tools that they can use to attract, engage and retain their people.

The world’s most successful companies treat their people differently. They generate stock market returns of twice their peers and they have half the employee turnover. 76% of CEOs recognise that employee engagement is vital to their success but only 24% say they have a highly engaged company. Bridging that engagement gap is what drives us.

What do we offer?

Employee engagement solutions your people will want to use – 

Boost employee engagement by simplifying and uniting benefits, communications, reward and recognition, and more in one easy-to-use employee engagement system.
SmartHub® is an all-in-one Employee Engagement Platform to help HR centralise and promote what’s important to their organisation. From market-leading employee discounts and perks to reward and recognition, wellbeing and internal communications, your platform can be customised with existing (or new) tools to build employee engagement.

An unbeatable employee discounts scheme that saves your people money – 

Reward Gateway offers the largest employee discounts scheme in the world. We use our unmatched buying power and unbeatable savings at hundreds of retailers to help extend your employees’ income. Employee discounts are a simple way to bring a better employee benefits scheme to your employees, without the expense of a company wide pay rise. Using our discounts solution at your organisation can give employees significant monthly savings from everyday purchases to special items like gifts for Christmas.

An internal communications platform built for your people – 

One of the building blocks of employee engagement and the Engagement Bridge™ is open and honest communication. Showcase what makes your company a great place to work by shining a spotlight on employee benefits and recognition with Reward Gateway’s internal communications solution. Deliver an internal communications platform designed to engage.

A comprehensive employee reward system made for your people – 

Continuous recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, yet 54% of employees don’t feel their boss does enough to appreciate them. Showing your employees you care isn’t a “nice-to-have,” it’s a must have, for your people and your business.

All your employee wellbeing initiatives to increase engagement in one unified hub – 

Give your employees the education, support and tools they need to be better versions of themselves both at home and at work and help your organisation stand out from the competition. Building a tailored wellbeing solution using Reward Gateway tools can help your workforce live healthier lives in all three key pillars of wellbeing: Physical, Mental and Financial.

Switch to the most intelligent Childcare Voucher scheme in the UK – 

Applications to the Childcare Voucher scheme are now closed, but those already enrolled can continue to benefit. It’s more important than ever that you can trust your Childcare Voucher technology to grow with your company. You need a scheme that will maximise parents’ savings while removing the administrative burden from your HR team. With RG, you can be reassured of a world-class, market leading, truly innovative Childcare Voucher Scheme for years to come.
Our salary sacrifice programmes are fully customisable, employer-branded and integrate into your existing employee engagement platform for a seamless transition that your employees can access from a single login.

Help your people on essential whitegood purchases and technology – 

Use a net salary deduction benefit to support your employees with free financing on essential technology products
Whether your employees need to make an emergency whitegood purchase, or is in the market to buy new computers and laptops, our net payroll solution for technology has your back. Help your employees get the latest technology, like computers and laptops, with instant access to free financing on thousands of products. Our financial wellbeing benefit is easy to administer and has a wide range of products with the lowest prices on the high street.

Employees can browse or search up to 5,000 products from our trusted partner Currys PC World, just like they would on a typical online shopping site. They then select their items, choose their payment period and receive a redemption voucher. Employees can pick up their technology instantly at their local Currys PC World, or have it delivered to their door. Payments are deducted from their subsequent salary, making it easy to get the latest technology with minimal administration.

Take the pulse of your people with employee engagement surveys – 

Whether you need to find starting points for your employee engagement journey, or fine-tune your ongoing employee engagement programmes, you can make a start on solving your biggest engagement hurdles by creating a survey that helps spark positive change.
Hear more employee voices, more regularly — and get results to drive action — with surveys that are easy to complete, administer and analyse. Surveys that are flexible, quick and effective enough to meet the unique needs of your organisation can be a valuable tool to measure progress toward your individual engagement goals, and the goals of your business as a whole.

Reward Gateway platform integrations – 

At Reward Gateway, we know that there are multiple platforms, apps and logins which are involved in a person’s everyday life – including in the world of HR. Your teams likely have an ecosystem of varied platforms and applications available to your people. Our goal is to connect with your existing technology to make the Reward Gateway experience as seamless as possible for you and your people.

Summary of Products Offered:

•Employee Engagement Platform
•Employee Discounts and Benefits
•Employee Communications
•Employee Rewards and Recognition
•Employee Wellbeing Initiatives
•Childcare Voucher Scheme
•Cycle to Work Scheme
•Employee Surveys
•Reward Gateway Platform Integrations


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