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Premier Introduction

For us, the client experience should absolutely never be ‘same old same old’. Our clients tell us that they get a service that’s intelligent, accurate, timely and forward looking so it adapts as their needs change. For them, it’s a genuinely personable relationship.

Next, we are determined to deliver this exceptional quality of service at a lower price than our competitors. No more unreasonable costs. We charge a fair price and we still make enough profit to reinvest in our own future.

Featured Services

Pensions –

We provide intelligent and informed pension consulting across both current and past provision. We are experts in auto-enrolment, active governance and can help you develop effective communication strategies. We enable our clients to keep their employees and members informed, empowering them to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Our holistic approach supports your business objectives as well as your members needs.

Salary Exchange –

Salary Exchange is a way that you and your employees can reduce your National Insurance payments on employee pension contributions.  An agreement is made between you and your employees enabling you to exchange part of their gross salary for an employer pension contribution. Making pension contributions through Salary Exchange rather than directly from salary will effectively reduce the amount of National Insurance contributions that are paid by both you and your employees.

Benefits Technology –

Gateway2Benefits incorporates leading-edge technology with an intuitive user interface that’s optimised for mobile and tablet. It puts your employees in complete control of their benefits, anywhere and at any time.

Overcoming shortcomings of existing solutions, Gateway2Benefits is as easy to use for the administrator as it is for the member.

Health & Wellbeing –

Having the most sophisticated and diverse range of benefits and services is only half the story, making sure your employees are aware of these is critical to the success of your strategy.

Taking into account physical, emotional and financial elements of wellbeing, our appraisal tool will give you an idea of where gaps might lie in your current offering.

Engagement –

We’ve learned from experience that people engage and learn differently. Some people hear and learn, others readwatch or do and learn. All of the these will be represented in a typical employee group. It’s our job to translate that for you to make sure your communication programme suits

your employee demographic.

Few people fully understand the benefits provided by their employer, how they work and perhaps, most importantly how much they cost. For benefit communication to be successful, the information needs to be relevant, accurate and easy to understand.

This is where we can help. Transferring consistent messages across your written communications, group workshops, online planning tools or videos helps to engage all of your employees.

Communications –

For both on-going engagement and single campaigns, our approach is to help you develop a programme that is aligned to your business objectives, utilises all your current resources and works within your budget. As part of this, we will help you measure the success of your campaigns, learning what works with your employees and adjusting on-going strategies as a result.

Communicating pension benefits is often one of the most difficult areas for employers. We can give you web-based or printed literature to explain the benefits of your scheme in clear and simple terms. In addition to this we can provide online tools and calculators, videos, face-to-face presentations, workshops and one-to-ones.

Financial Planning –

There’s no doubt that more and more people are finding it hard to budget and manage their day-to-day finances, let alone save for the future. We recognise this is a growing problem amongst all types of employers, and it is our mission to go above and beyond to help with financial planning.

We have developed a range of financial education programmes designed to help employees and executives understand how to effectively manage their financial affairs. This is delivered through a combination of online and printed literature.


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