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At Portus we focus on your needs. We ensure we understand where your company is today and where you want to be next year and in five years’ time. The solutions we provide are centred on your key business and people management issues. This, linked with our in-depth market knowledge and buying power, lets us present you with options that might not be considered by other consultants.

We can help satisfy your requirements for everything from Flexible Benefits and Pensions to Group Risk, Healthcare and Absence Management / Wellbeing. We will also work closely with you to ensure the benefits you offer are communicated effectively to your employees. Because the package is only working when people know what they’re getting!

Services Offered:


The Portus approach to pensions is to ensure your employees achieve the optimum level of retirement income through a combination of competitive costs and top quality ongoing investment advice. Our service includes review, design, restructuring, ongoing administration and communication services in respect of the following:

1. Defined Contribution/Money Purchase Plans (For online Guides, Checklists and Case Studies click here)
2. Group Stakeholder Pension Plans
3. Group Personal Pension Plans
4. Executive Pension Plans
5. Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS)

Salary Exchange

Salary Exchange can be used for benefits such as childcare, bikes for work and mobile phones, but the greatest potential saving can be made in connection with pension contributions. It involves employees agreeing to take a lower salary in return for a pension contribution. Because the salary is lower, national insurance contributions (NICs) payable by both employer and employee are reduced and both parties can also put some, or all, of what they have saved in NICs towards making additional pension contributions. Alternatively the employer can use their savings to fund additional employee benefits.

Risk & Healthcare

Portus Consulting has a highly respected profile in the Group Risk and Healthcare market. Over the past eleven years we have consistently been voted amongst the top advisers in the UK.
We provide consultancy services on a range of Group Risk and Healthcare products including:

• Group Income Protection (formerly known as PHI)
• Group Medical Insurance (including Healthcare Trust arrangements)
• Group Life Assurance
• Group Dependants Pension
• Group Critical Illness Cover
• Group Dental Insurance
• Group Travel Insurance
• Group Personal Accident and Sickness Cover


At Portus we offer a wide range of Wellbeing Consulting Services for medium-sized and large organisations. In recognition that different approaches are applicable to different clients, we have introduced a modular approach that includes:

Absence Management Healthcheck

Feedback on your comparative absence management performance, detailing whether it is Poor, Fair, Good or Very Good in relation to:
1. Auditing – identification of direct and indirect costs.
2. Policy – appropriateness of global written and management policy.
3. Monitoring and recording systems – policy of data collection and how information is used.
4. Implementation of policy and practice – is it actually happening on a day-to-day basis?
5. Training – are line managers in a position to manage absence and are employees fully aware of their responsibilities?

Employee Benefits Surveys

Portus has been conducting industry sector Employee Benefit surveys for several years. These provide crucial benchmark information enabling firms to ascertain their market competitiveness. We are also increasingly asked by firms to conduct in-house surveys and focus groups to assess their employees’ perception and understanding of their employee benefits.

The advantage of using an outside consultant is that employees are guaranteed confidentiality – and therefore provide honest responses! These surveys have proven to be a very cost effective way to fine-tune your benefit provision, and significantly increase your employees’ appreciation of the benefits they receive. In turn, this improves your ability to attract and retain the best employees.


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