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PAM Wellbeing provides health and wellbeing services from our clinics throughout the UK. PAM Wellbeing will partner with you
to help you improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our approach to your care includes: Physiotherapy, Psychological Therapy, Health Screening Assessments and Wellbeing Services.

Services Offered:

Health Manager

Health Manager is an interactive online and mobile behaviour change platform packed with information resources, health programmes, lifestyle assessment and log book to motivate employees towards their health and wellbeing goals.

• Create your own wellbeing profile and take the short wellbeing assessment to identify your strengths and areas for development
• Set goals, then access programmes and resources to help you towards them
• Connect other health related accounts to have all of your health and wellbeing information in one place
• Access your account anywhere via the free to download app
• Receive regular updates of articles, links to resources and new programmes
• Connect with others via the community wall

Wellness Programme

PAM Wellness Programme is a series of coach led 1-2-1 appointments to guide, motivate and support you towards their health and wellbeing goals and manage any existing lifestyle based health conditions. Overcome challenges and
get in the best shape of your life, and maintain that for the future without sacrifices, depriving yourself or having
the need to find more time.

You will work alongside a PAM Wellness Expert at your local PAM Clinic or via secure video consultation over a 12 week period (optional to extend) to initially review your answers to PAM comprehensive lifestyle assessment questionnaire, establish your wellbeing goals and devise your personal action plan.

• A personal exercise plan
• Guidance on finding a diet that works best for you
• Improve sleep, manage stress and increase energy
• Flexibility to prevent life’s challenges preventing you from achieving what you want

You will then receive ongoing coaching support from your dedicated PAM Wellness Expert before having a final coaching session to guide you to a sustainable plan for the future.

Also benefit from a rotating group support system and Health Manager, both of which are included as part of the programme. Health Manager can also be accessed for up to 12 months after your initial assessment.

Resilience Programme

PAM Resilience Programme uses a combination of 1-2-1 appointments with a PAM Wellness Expert and home learning exercises using advanced online biofeedback technology to empower you with effective techniques and solutions to combat stress in real time, build resilience and boost both mental and physical performance.

You will work alongside a PAM Wellness Expert at your local PAM Clinic or via secure video consultation over a 12 week period (optional to extend) and gain access to Health Manager (PAM online and mobile health and wellbeing platform) for ongoing support and resources.

Health Assessment & Coaching

Visit a PAM dedicated clinic and work alongside a Medical Doctor and Wellness Expert to gain comprehensive insight into your current health status, identify any potential future health risks, ask any health related questions and devise your personal health action plan. All programmes include ongoing support from your PAM Wellness Expert and 12 months access to PAM Health Manager.

Weight Management Programme

Work with a PAM Wellness Expert to build a long term, sustainable weight management plan bespoke to you and your lifestyle.

Visit a local PAM Clinic, or via secure video consultation, to take part in 1-2-1 coaching sessions and group support calls to motivate you towards your weight goals. You will learn effective strategies that empower you to make controlling your weight as simple as possible, ending any cycle of weight loss and regain and overcoming challenges you might have faced for years.

Healthy Heart Programme

Visit your local PAM Clinic and meet with your PAM Wellness Expert who will review a comprehensive lifestyle and medical assessment questionnaire, take you through a series of health measurements and devise your personal healthy heart action plan. Then work together over 12 weeks to establish the
lifestyle actions to take you towards your healthy heart goals. You will also
benefit from 12 months access to Health Manager.

Learning & Education Zone

PAM Wellness have devised a series of distance learning opportunities to support you in developing your health and wellbeing. Below is a list of resource types which will offer simple steps and guidance in how you can get and stay active, improve your sleep, manage stress effectively, lose and maintain a healthy weight or improve your back health.

• Webinars: access a pre-recorded webinar series and complete home learning / exercises

• e-Learning: learn at your own pace through our online courses, each lasting between 20-30 minutes to give you bite size information you can apply right away

• Podcasts: download and listen to our Wellness Experts giving helpful hints and tips on leading a healthy lifestyle

• Information leaflets: download and print from a range of health-related leaflets to use for yourself, at work and at home

• E-Coaching: 1-2-1 lifestyle coaching with a PAM Wellness Expert, delivered via secure video consultation.
Choose from a single session to multiple depending on your health needs and goals

Physiotherapy Services

PAM Wellbeing offer a private physiotherapy service that is committed to providing patients with the best care, advice and treatment in a relaxed, friendly environment. PAM Wellbeing Physiotherapists ensure that our patients leave us in the best possible shape that they can be in – if 100% is not possible, then we aim for 100% of the patients’ maximum.

Psychological Therapy

PAM Wellbeing provide CBT or EMDR psychotherapy and counselling nationally for individuals with a wide range of issues. The psychotherapeutic relationship can enable people to find a way through issues of depression, anxiety disorders and stress, to name but a few. Often people are not sure what is bothering them but wish to explore thoughts and feelings that may have led them to feel stuck, lose a sense of who they are or the meaning in their life.

PAM Wellbeing psychotherapists offer a safe, non-judgmental and confidential place for people to explore issues that are difficult to discuss with family or friends. This may help you with addictions, anger management, anxiety, bereavement, depression, general counselling, personal development, relationships, sexuality, stress, abuse or PTSD.


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