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Whether companies need help in identifying and monitoring employee health-related risks, or in getting people back to work as quickly as possible, we aim to empower our clients to support and manage the health and wellbeing of their people. Whatever healthcare service they need, including managing mental health, musculoskeletal conditions and wellbeing, our aim is to enable their people to take better care of their own health.


Strategy & Advisory

Employee health services have never been more complex, so we work hard to simplify them for our clients. We deploy leading experts in their field to provide consultancy and management advisory projects or one-off support. We support managers in making decisions with deep strategic and medical insights – assisted, where appropriate, with specialist audit tools and health analysts. We give the most relevant, practical and cost-effective solutions, including:
• comprehensive health strategies for organisations to ensure that resources are properly focused and deliver the best return on investment,
• service area reviews to ensure adoption of best and most contemporary practice,
• board-level advice on addressing potential health issues or risks,
• advice on addressing an individual health problem, and
• Health & Safety audits and policy advice.

Engagement & Wellbeing

Engaging employees and improving their wellbeing has never been more important or more challenging. Each organisation and employee is unique – so is our approach. Whatever an organisation’s strategy or goals – from reducing health risks to improving energy and performance, to managing an age diverse workforce or driving employee engagement. We can help them achieve these, effectively and efficiently with the most progressive solutions on the market. We support organisations and managers with our comprehensive range of training courses, including building resilience and creating successful cultures.

Health assessments

We offer the latest medical knowledge and tests, providing deep health insights and personalised health management programmes. Delivered on-site or remotely, by specially trained health coaches, with the option of ongoing tele-health coaching, on-site health kiosks and executive health screens.

Onsite activity

We manage on-site events to inform, educate and support employees in specific health and wellbeing topics. We also hold workshops, and training and drop-in sessions, tailored to the needs and priorities of an individual organisation.

Digital Platform

We work with organisations to create intelligent and customised health and wellbeing platforms. These digital hubs are centres of inspiration and empowerment. They are built with the latest technology and accessible by desktop or mobile, at work and at home.

Performance & Attendance

The management of attendance and productivity has never been more important. The UK is going through a period of relatively full employment and recruitment is challenging, so companies are taking an increasingly proactive approach to managing the health of their people. They want to help employees perform productively and to the best of their abilities. No one solution can support both managers and employees in resolving all health issues. We provide advice to help managers improve performance and make decisions. Optima Health offers a range of specialist services, the right support at the right time and provides interventions to achieve the right results.

Mental Health Services

With over 25 years experience we have deep expertise in providing specialist workplace mental health solutions. From proactively embedding resilience, through to 24/7 support for mild to moderate issues or critical incident support in response to traumatic events. We offer an unusual breadth of programmes and interventions, available on-site, off-site or accessed through the latest digital technologies.

Musculoskeletal Services

Musculoskeletal health is one of the biggest issues in the workplace. We help organisations reduce risk, manage issues effectively if they arise, and meet regulatory requirements. Our contemporary services include everything from specialist work-station assessments to on-site physiotherapists; remote issue management to functional capacity assessments; rehabilitation programmes to job-related fitness testing.


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