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With over twenty years of experience in Workplace Wellbeing, we are the ideal partner to help you develop and deliver your programme. We offer UK-wide training programmes, mental health support, employee health checks and wellbeing events to improve performance, reduce long-term health risk and reduce costs.

New Leaf Health began in 1996 as an initiative to take the idea of health promotion and bring it into the workplace. With a wealth of experience in training programmes, mental health support, employee health checks and wellbeing events, we are the ideal partner to help you deliver your wellbeing strategy, from formulation to ongoing implementation.


Our experience in delivering wellbeing and health promotion stretches back all the way to the mid-90s, which we have distilled and packaged into two essential training courses for any organisation embarking on their wellbeing journey.

The first is our Workplace Wellbeing Coordinators Course, giving delegates not only the tools necessary to develop their workplace wellbeing strategy, but the ability to deliver it in such a manner as to see real, lasting change in the work environment.

The second, our Workplace Wellbeing Champions Course, allows us to train a team of your colleagues to help you deliver your programme, and to champion health in the workplace. This ensures that not only are your campaigns being delivered properly, but that they have a lasting impact on your organisation.

Mental Health Services

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of workplace wellbeing currently. As such, we have developed a range of mental health services that can be tailored to suit any organisation. These services include our uniquely developed courses for Line Managers and Employees, MHFA England accredited Mental Health First Aid Training, one-to-one counselling services and a mental wellbeing baseline questionnaire.

We offer a bespoke, people-centric approach, and enjoy working with many of our clients to provide their unique mental wellbeing approaches.

Employee Health Checks

Using clinically validated equipment and qualified, experienced practitioners, our wellbeing assessments are highly accurate and incredibly effective interventions. Whether you’re looking for body composition and blood pressure checks, cholesterol and diabetes screening, or even vitamin d testing – all of our wellbeing assessments are delivered to ensure attendees leave with important, life-changing information.

Wellbeing Roadshows and Awareness Days

Our wellbeing roadshows offer a unique approach to all aspects of wellbeing, creating a highly visual, incredibly engaging day around various topics.

The setup is similar to a marketplace, with stalls covering various topics, offering activities, interventions and lifestyle advice. This approach is incredibly exciting and creates a real buzz around the workplace, ensuring high engagement. Topics range from health checks, to mental wellbeing, to highly specific interventions, such as musculoskeletal health and nutrition.

Most of these topics can also be delivered in a single-approach awareness day or workshop format.

At its heart we know that wellbeing is people-centric, and all organisations will be different. That’s why our services can be tailored to fit your organisation’s requirements, and if you don’t see something appropriate listed in the services below, we may be able to develop a bespoke approach to fit your requirements – please get in touch.


– Workplace Wellbeing Coordinators Course

– Workplace Wellbeing Champions Training Course

Mental Health & Wellbeing

– Employee Resilience Course

– Managing Mental Health – Training Course for Line Managers

– Mental Health First Aid Training – Two Day Course

– Mental Health First Aid Champions – One Day Course

– Mental Health Aware – Half Day Course

– Mental Health Coaching (one-to-one counselling)

– Mental Wellbeing Assessment Questionnaire

Employee Health Checks

– Health Check Point (blood pressure and body composition)

– Health Screening (cholesterol and blood glucose testing)

– Diabetes Awareness Day (blood glucose testing and type 2 diabetes awareness)

– Vitamin D Testing

Wellbeing Roadshows and Awareness Days

– Wellbeing Roadshows (multi-topic event)

– Awareness Days, including:

– Nutrition

– Pressure Management

– Physical Activity

– Musculoskeletal

– Men’s and Women’s Health

– Cholesterol and Diabetes Testing

– Mole Checks

– Smoothie Bike

– Chair Massage

Other Services

– Employee Flu Vaccines

– Bespoke Health and Wellbeing Workbooks

– Conference Support Packages

– Wellbeing Needs Analysis Questionnaire

– Other bespoke services available upon enquiry

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