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Mercer Introduction

Forces outside of your control are driving sweeping changes in the design and shape of your organisation’s employee benefits plan. Total annual benefit costs per employee continue to outpace both workers’ earnings and inflation, while new legislation and regulations add layers of complexity and additional expense.

Today employers must also support a diverse workforce of employees who are working until later in life and with increasing health risks. To meet these challenges and remain competitive, employers must improve their bottom line through improving the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of their employees.

Mercer’s wealth of experience and expertise means we can offer you a more strategic approach to employee benefits.

We use a rigorous methodology to help clients develop benefits strategies that are targeted to their distinct employee populations and budgets and aligned with business and talent objectives. This includes strategies to influence and manage employee behaviour, communicate the value of benefits, and fully integrate health benefits into the total rewards package.

With the strategy set, we then work with the client to develop and deliver specific benefit programmes. This can include medical, dental, behavioural health, life, accident and disability, absence, flexible benefits/employee choice, and voluntary benefits, as well as other innovative benefits programmes.

Our ultimate goal is to enable clients to:

  • Improve employee health, productivity, engagement, motivation, and performance.
  • Improve the organisation’s financial well-being by increasing the value for money spent on benefits.
  • Ensure that benefits are competitively financed and effectively administered.
  • Offer competitive and compliant benefits within budget.

With our help, you can streamline administration, better ensure compliance, and boost employee engagement, often resulting in meaningful cost savings.

Featured Services

Strategy and planning –

Stay on top of market trends that matter to you. We’ll help you cut through the noise to develop a winning strategy.

Design and financing –

How competitive is your program, and what’s driving costs? Make sure your plan design and financing are up to the task.

Vendor selection and management –

Who’s the best partner for your company? Leverage our deep knowledge of the marketplace to find the right fit.

Delivery and communication –

Make sure your employees understand the value of their benefits by designing the right level of support to create your best employee experience.

The content within this site does not constitute specific advice.  Mercer provides recommendations based on our clients’ circumstances and needs, which may vary among clients.

At Mercer, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Working closely with clients, we identify pain points and then develop a well-defined strategy and systematic process.

We work with clients of all sizes, from small local businesses to huge multinational organisations. Our extensive experience allows us to identify best practices and scale them to meet your needs.

Global Employee Benefits to Help You Compete Locally –

Global organisations are a vast mosaic of local divisions, each with its own unique benefits needs. Mercer can help multinationals deliver employee benefits that provide economy, efficiency, and consistency across the globe yet allow local divisions to compete for critical talent, attract expats, and retain key employees.

Mercer has the largest and most experienced team of international employee benefits specialists. We offer our clients access to specialists who facilitate benefits programs in more than 150 countries — few organizations have our depth of experience in the global development of:

  • Benefits strategies.
  • Governance models.
  • Benefits management.
  • Partners and brokerage services.
  • Health and wellness programs.

Health Benefits Administration –

In the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, delivering health and retirement benefits that are competitive, cost-effective, and compliant with new legislation takes vigilance and expertise. Outsourcing benefits administration to Mercer allows your HR department to weather the changes while keeping your strategic mission on course.

At Mercer, we deliver health and retirement benefits that produce tangible, measurable outcomes tied to your strategic business goals. Outsourcing benefits administration to Mercer can help relieve the headaches of running a benefits programme: cost increases, administrative burdens, pension risks, and legislative issues. Mercer’s innovative approach to benefits administration streamlines the process for you while educating employees and empowering them to make better decisions.

Partnering with Mercer Benefits Administration means taking advantage of our over 22 years of insights and experience. We work closely with clients, using a strategy-first consultative process that surfaces issues and leads to real-world solutions.

Workplace Health –

Investing in well-being makes business sense. Today, employers must support a diverse workforce of employees who are working until later in life and with increasing health risks. The future of public provision of health care is uncertain; and the cost of private health care is rising as it becomes more and more expensive to treat sick employees.

To meet these challenges and remain competitive, employers must think differently about the health care benefits they provide. We are working with employers of all sizes to help them target and address the specific health risks within their organisation and measure the effectiveness and ROI of their initiatives, building a sound business case for health.

The aim is to help employers improve their bottom line through improving the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of their employees by:

  • Facilitating sustained behavioural change to improve health
  • Providing robust benefits for when ill health does arrive

The framework is built around the 5 key segments:

  • Benefit design
  • Brokerage
  • Engagement
  • Internal measurement
  • Health incentives

Elect by Mercer Marsh Benefits –

As part of the global Mercer Marsh Benefits family, Elect has an established history of providing benefits to small- and medium-sized companies and smaller groups of employees.

Our employee benefits experts know how important it is for businesses of all sizes to be able to provide simple and flexible employee benefits solutions for valued employees whether your team is one, two, or a hundred and two. Our employee benefit team is made up of specialists in their field with years of experience helping clients put employee benefit programmes in place. We take the pressure off you, creating simple and straightforward benefits plans and administration processes  so that you can provide best-in-class benefits at affordable prices.

Benefit solutions include:

  • Pension schemes
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Income Protection
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • International Private Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Cash Plans
  • Occupational Health Services

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