• February 10, 2020 8:26 am


We are a team of communication experts who firmly believe that we can make a difference to people’s lives through our work.
Whether it’s our writers, strategists, campaign creators, designers, illustrators or knowledgeable experts, we all share the desire to make the complicated simple, the difficult inspiring and the challenging approachable.

Employee engagement

Engaging with people has never been more important because the pace of business change gets ever faster. Successful change needs engaged employees to believe in it, drive it forwards and deliver. The challenge is how to do this in a way that’s unique to your organisation.

Employee value proposition

Many businesses are competing for the most skilled people within their industry.
That’s why developing a strong employee value proposition (EVP) plays such a vital role in both attracting people to and keeping talent.
At like minds we believe a strong EVP will spark existing and prospective employees to embody your values and culture.

Financial wellbeing

Worrying about money is a vicious cycle. It has a negative impact on people’s sleep, mental health and attendance at work. In turn, this affects absenteeism and productivity in the workplace.
We want people to think and feel better about their money, and as a result, to feel better about their life, their work and their employer.

Money Minded™ is our solution. It helps people approach the whole subject of money by connecting them with their relationship with money – the way they feel about money and what it means to them emotionally – and how that impacts their decisions.
This psychology and self-awareness sits alongside practical information about a wide range of financial situations and issues. It also makes the link with their employer’s benefits and how they can help.

Retirement savings

Pension. Retirement savings. Workplace savings. It can go by many names, but no matter what you call it, 9 times out of 10 it switches people off.
At like minds we’re on a mission to not just switch people back on, but reboot the whole system. That means clear, powerful communication to help people understand their retirement savings and connect the dots between now and then.

Reward communication

The way that organisations attract, retain and motivate talented employees is one of the most important measures of success in the business world.
Getting your reward programme right and communicating it well means you’ll have more chance of getting the best people in your industry wanting to work with and for you – and staying.


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