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From our roots delivering telephonic and face-to-face counselling as an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), we have modernised the experience of employee assistance through the application of innovative technology. Our mobile-first user experience and anytime, anywhere support services have become the first unified Total Well-being Solution that people everywhere love to use.
Through our integration with Morneau Shepell, LifeWorks is helping millions of people around the world lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Service Offering:

The Total Well-being Journey with LifeWorks
Help your employees feel supported, guided, connected, recognised and rewarded with the LifeWorks Total Well-being Platform.

The Well-being Cycle e-book

Total employee well-being is a strategy in which you support workers in every aspect of their lives. From physical ill health and depression, to a family bereavement and spiralling debts, these are all issues which must be resolved.
Why do these concern you as an employer?
Well, employees who have the support, guidance, and advice they need to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health are far more productive at work. It’s simple, you look after them, and they look after your business.

Mental Well-being: Feel Supported

Enhance your existing Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and support 100% of your employees. Use your existing budget to transform your EAP into a well-being programme that encourages your people to approach their health proactively – whatever life throws at them.

Access to 24/7

Best-in-class and specialist counselling
Give your employees immediate access to specialised professionals in counselling, social work, human services and psychology. Gain access to the LifeWorks network of thousands of master’s level counsellors and affiliates.

Multiple counselling modalities
63% of new users through our 24/7 instant chat with a clinical counsellor would not have reached out through traditional methods.

Offer immediate access to an EAP counsellor through live chat, text and email. Confidential and secure virtual counselling sessions with members of our professional network include:

Drive engagement with digital well-being content

Empower your employees with personalised well-being content including videos, podcasts, articles, online toolkits and interactive programmes.
• Recommendations based on health risks
• Full search capabilities

Physical Well-being: Feel Guided

Take a proactive approach to wellness that inspires action. Fitness challenges, snackable wellness content, and seamless integration with wearable technology will motivate, energise and inspire your team to be healthy and happy.

Provide engaging Health Assessments

Enable employees to fully understand their current state of health across key risk areas such as general health, physical activity and emotional stress. Learn about positive lifestyle changes with data-driven, personalised recommendations, tips and resources – all based on the assessments’ results.

Connect to wearable technology seamlessly

Meet employees where they are, drive participation and deliver verifiable results through fitness tracker challenges that synch with wearable tracking technology.

Use gamification to motivate and engage employees

Create positive behavioural change for your people through corporate and individual challenges
such as:
• Nutrition
• Weight management
• Mental well-being
• Activity-based challenges
• Financial well-being
• Healthy habits
• Fitness tracker challenges integrated with wearable tracking technology that facilitates participation

Reward healthy behaviour

Use progress-based incentives that reward employees for making meaningful progress toward health goals.
• This is not a static model approach – by incentivising consistent behaviour change you help reinforce and inspire action.
• Access to specially-curated wellness rewards that inspire motivation.

Keep your people motivated and healthy

with Health Coaching
Smoking cessation
• Understand tobacco use and dependency and empower users to work through the process to quit – for life.
Stress management
• Designed to help users become more aware of their stress, acquire coping skills, and learn how to break down seemingly overwhelming tasks into actionable steps.
Weight management
• Our health coaches can help participants develop healthy eating habits for life by setting realistic weight loss goals.
Sleep hygiene
• Tools and information supporting participants improve their sleep, mitigate the effects of sleep deficiency, examine their sleep habits, identify personal barriers and obstacles to rest and, finally, set achievable objectives for lasting behaviour change.



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