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We are a true partnership – both in our corporate structure and our relationships, and clients tell us we are an extension of their team. We focus our efforts on making sure that every client gets the right advice for their own unique circumstances.

Because we are independent, we don’t have a stake in recommending any specific solutions, so clients can trust our advice implicitly.
We build longstanding relationships with our clients, who tend to have worked with us for many years, because we believe that is the best way to build consistency and trust.

Services Summary:

Pensions & benefits

Best outcomes for your members. Best value for your spend.


Gain a competitive edge by better understanding your liabilities and risks.

Energy analytics

The energy industry is a complex and evolving environment facing continuous challenges and creating new opportunities.

Technology & innovation

Real-time control, built by experts who understand your business.

Our experts

We provide clear, concise advice focused on your needs.

Our viewpoint

Keep up-to-date with our latest insights, videos and blogs.

Additional Service Details:

Pensions & benefits

Getting it right protects people’s futures and helps you meet your objectives. Getting it wrong carries huge risks. We start from your unique situation and objectives, and provide clear, actionable advice that’s specific to your needs.

We help insurers address the big challenges facing the market today. Insurance markets have never been more competitive. To succeed, you need to really understand your exposures, risks and evolving liability profile.

Our role is to help you gain the insights you need. This may be through independent review of your liabilities, validation and challenge of your models or helping you get more value out of your data.

Insurance regulation has become tougher and more sophisticated. We can help you meet the requirements in a way that adds value to the business, through expert advice, review and challenge your risk management framework and work alongside your team to improve processes.

Technology & innovation

Innovation and technology is central to the way we work. We use innovative technology to give you real time insight & control.
We don’t view it as ancillary to the advice we provide, we view it as key to giving clients the best advice, and a big part of what makes us different.

We encourage innovation from all angles – from helping us to provide our core services even better and more effectively, to developing entirely new business lines that utilise our core skills. We develop our technology in house and in close liaison with our clients to make sure the end result works just as you’d want it to, to help you make better decisions in less time.

We are experts in data analytics and continue to push the boundaries to help organisations, pension schemes and their members get the most out of their benefit spend. We regularly build bespoke modellers and microsites for our clients, along with a number of other interactive tools and nudges.


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