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IHC specialise in medical and group risk insurance broking. We work to the high quality standards laid down by UK and International trade bodies giving you extra reassurance in a tough and price-sensitive market.

The IHC team is a unique mix of experts that deliver unparalleled service. Our advice is impartial and independent of any insurer – undertaking research and broking across the market to find you the best value.

Most clients choose our service and stay for many years but we’re not complacent! Regular feedback and face-to-face meetings keep us fresh and a sharp focus on delivering quality and increasing value.


Cash plans for employers

Cash Plans allow businesses to extend health cover to staff who wouldn’t normally be entitled to it under existing company terms.
The idea is simple – for a monthly or weekly premium (which can be as low as £1 per person per week), a Cash Plan will pay out cash sums for a range of everyday health care including:

• Dental and Dental Accident fees
• Optical fees
• Complimentary Therapies (including Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment)
• Alternative Therapies (including Acupuncture and Homeopathy)
• Chiropody

The scope of Cash Plan cover can also include a wider variety of services and treatments such as; GP helplines, health screening, discounts at health clubs and gyms, and even excess payments.
And the more you pay per week or month, the higher the level of cover and the greater benefit you receive.

Business travel insurance advice

It is not widely appreciated that when employees travel on behalf of a business, that business owes them a duty of care, with the business being legally liable for their wellbeing. Travel Insurance offers a cost effective means for any business to offset that legal liability. Whilst often overlooked, it should be considered as an essential element of any businesses risk management strategy.

Whilst Business Travel insurance offers an essential risk mitigation tool, allying it to a Business and Leisure Travel policy can offer a low cost, high value benefit to your staff and would be an important element of any comprehensive benefits package.

As a leading travel insurance intermediary, IHC offer independent reviews of existing travel insurance arrangements or are happy to discuss suitable travel insurance packages to help you ensure that your employees have the right cover in place at a time when they need it most.

We have access to a selection of Travel Insurance providers through whom we are able to negotiate standard or bespoke solutions to suit your specific businesses needs on a national, international or global basis. Our providers can supply coverage for most occupations and travel destinations, building bespoke product and delivery solutions to match your specific needs where the case warrants it.

Group dental insurance advice

Do you know what is on offer?

Group dental insurance benefits and policies change each year, therefore even without moving provider, the terms and conditions of your policy can change. A full annual review ensures that you are fully aware of any changes your current provider has implemented and the impact this may have on your employees.
Cost control

Inflationary costs on dental benefits can make it difficult to create a balance between budget demand and employee expectation. An IHC regular review allows you to evaluate each benefit and examine the scope for cost savings whilst keeping a valued benefit package.

Do your dental benefits suit your location?

Choosing which provider gets your benefit budget is more difficult now there is more choice of insurers and plans. The new plans can have big benefits to offer employees and making sure they fit your location and pay out enough to cover dental bills needs expert advice.

Life cover

How does group life insurance help you and your business?

• Life insurance forms part of an attractive benefit package to attract and retain high calibre candidates.
• As the risk is spread over a number of employees, premiums are usually better value than those paid for individual cover.
• Advances in medical treatment and improved lifestyles mean that more people are living beyond retirement age and we have found this has reduced the cost of life cover in recent years.

Group income protection

What would you do if an employee was off work with a long term sickness? Statistics show that workers are 3 times more likely to be off work for 3 months than die during their working lives.
How would you manage sick employees? How long could you afford to pay absent staff? Could you offer them help and support with rehabilitation?

Group Income Protection offers financial peace of mind for employees and their families. It provides a replacement income should the employee be unable to work due to illness or injury for an extended period of time. This relieves the employer of the financial and moral burden of supporting these employees. Income Protection policies will also offer support through disability counselling and graduated return to work advice.

Critical illness

Advances in medical science means that many illnesses are not as deadly as they once used to be.
Critical Illnesses can occur in all age groups with a significant percentage of claims being made by younger people, many under 30.
Insurance Industry figures show that people are five times more likely to suffer a critical illness than die before the age of 65.
Illnesses such as Cancer, Strokes and Heart Attacks are still very serious and can have a debilitating effect on a person’s and family’s quality of life.
With group critical illness insurance, a lump sum could be paid to employees who contract any of a range of serious illnesses. This could be used to pay off a mortgage, make necessary alterations to a home or even fund medical treatments.

Business protection

Businesses often protect what is visible; buildings, machinery and supplies. The lifeblood of the company, its key members, workforce and you yourself, are often left unprotected. Business Protection can help protect your business.
Key Person Protection (Profit Protection)

If a business were to lose a key person this may result in:

• Reduced sales
• Loss of Profit
• Recruitment costs
• Increased workloads for the remaining staff
• The disruption of development plan
A Key Protection plan will provide a cash injection into the business after the death, terminal or critical illness of a key person, which can help with the above.


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