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The concept of Healthy Performance originated in 2001 when the company founder devised an employee wellbeing programme for his then employers. As a direct result, improvements were evident in motivation, reduced stress, increased energy and performance. Annual absence levels reduced from eighteen days to just one day for the whole customer service team and their performance went from multiple daily complaints to a global award winning team. The key driving force behind this success was the Employee Wellbeing Programme.

World-class, engaging wellbeing services
Wellbeing is personal, so whether you are a company of 50 or 50,000 we can tailor our services around your organisation to engage and motivate employees to make positive lifestyle changes. And our fully managed service, delivered by our award winning team takes away all the hassle and pressure.
Annually we help thousands of employees make positive lifestyle changes through a range of onsite and online services, all designed to help you easily implement an engaging and effective wellbeing programme.

Services On Offer:

Employee Health Checks

We are probably best known for our employee health checks and onsite health assessments and why wouldn’t we be, we have dedicated over a decade to perfecting them.
Our objective is to work in partnership with organisations to develop a healthy workplace culture. We are award-winning health and wellbeing specialists and with our employee health checks, we can help businesses of all sizes to create a healthy workplace.

From mini ‘Know Your Numbers’ campaigns to comprehensive options including cardiac risk assessments and bowel screening, there is a solution for every budget.
With industry leading satisfaction levels, our health checks and assessments are incredibly engaging. Whilst our SAME DAY health reports help employees make positive lifestyle changes and identify the areas of their health which need improvement.

We then use the anonymised data to provide company health reports which will allow you to identify hotspots and trends within your organisation – this is particularly useful for starting or improving your health and wellbeing strategy.

Mental Health

Built on validated stress management standards, Pascal® is an innovative mental health support platform.
This allows you and your employees to measure home and work pressure, ensures you comply with HSE regulations and employment law, and importantly, provide your employees with more support surrounding mental health.

The platform includes our stress audit tool, workshops, webinars and online tools.
A trained mental health first aider can start productive conversations about mental health, be a role model for how to manage mental health and play a significant part in ending the stigma around mental health.

Our mental health course offers a qualification to delegates as mental health champions (one day) or first aiders (two days). We explore a range of areas to understand what mental health is and what factors affect wellbeing. The course teaches delegates practical skills to spot the signs of mental illness and the confidence to step in and provide support to those who need assistance.
At the end of the course, delegates will have a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing and be able to recognise common triggers and signs that someone may need support.
Stress, resilience and mental health workshops facilitated by experienced coaches to provide a range of training tailored around you.

These sessions are facilitated by experienced coaches providing managers and employees with a greater understanding of mental health, stress and resilience. Throughout the training, participants learn how to identify early warning signs and recognise how early interventions can play a positive role in self-management. To help launch and manage workshops, we include our online booking system and marketing material to raise awareness internally. We can also capture employee feedback after each workshop to help monitor quality/engagement.

Workplace Wellness Challenges
A series of engaging and fun onsite wellbeing events to raise awareness of key health issues as part of your wellbeing programme.

Reaction Wall

Know Your Numbers

Smoothie Bike

Wii Fit Activities

Alcohol Awareness

PS4 Activities

Keep Uppy Challenge

Company Sports Days

Massage Chair

Table Tennis

Online Lifestyle Assessment

MyWellbeingCheck® is an online lifestyle assessment tool which assesses habits and behavioural change. Taking just 5 6 minutes to complete, the assessment tool provides employees with a personalised dashboard and report, which covers:

• Movement & Sitting
• Stress
• Nutrition
• Sleep
• Alcohol & Smoking
• Cardiovascular
• Resistance Training

Health & Wellbeing Programmes

Developing an effective health and wellbeing strategy is a great way to demonstrate that you value your people. As well as empowering colleagues to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle, a great programme will allow you to make a positive difference to your organisation.
A health and wellbeing programme can deliver various results including:

• Become a best place to work
• Improved employee engagement
• Enhanced performance
• Better employee retention
• Reduced employee absence
• Reduced employee stress levels

Health Promotion Webinars

Our series of health promotion webinars are a great way to engage employees across a wide geographical area and are a very cost effective solution. With topics covering activity, nutrition, mental health, sleep and much more, our webinars are available on both an ad-hoc and structured programme basis.

Our webinar topics include:






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