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Edenred is all about motivating and engaging people and making life/work better. About helping organisations all over the world perform better. And here’s a bit more about how we do it. We  offer the widest range of incentives, rewards and benefits solutions, individually designed to fit your audience, your goals and your budget – a unique and unrivalled total reward & recognition solution.

We help organisations and public institutions streamline and simplify payment processes, reduce administrative burdens, save money and make life easier for everyone.
We do this through Vouchers, prepaid cards, online platforms and digital & SMS products to help engage and motivate your employees, customers and business partners. Over 20 different solutions last time we checked.

Employee Benefits

The easier, the better. Four little words that sum up Edenred’s approach to Employee Benefits.

We make our products and schemes easier to implement and easier to use. We make it easier for your people to understand the benefits thanks to intelligent and engaging communications. And all that ease makes for better employee participation and engagement, and better ROI for your company. The easier, the better.
Today’s economic climate means that you and your company demand a better bang for your buck. And your employees demand better, full stop.
They want Employee Benefits that are personalised and relevant to them. They want more choice and more ways to make their money go further. They want to be able to access their benefits online and on the move. They want an easier life all round.

Incentives and Rewards

Some say the secret to a happy, motivated workforce is to treat everyone the same. But at Edenred, we say treat everyone differently. Treat each person as an individual with different personalities, interests and motivations and you’ll notice the difference in performance right away.

It’s this mantra that makes us design Incentives and Rewards that cater to the individual, never adopting the one size fits all approach. We offer the widest range of multi-channel reward & gift products with the widest choice of redemption options.

Expense Management

Got a mountain of paperwork? Well, we’ve got the Expense Management solution to make it into a molehill.

Edenred offer a wide selection of ways to reduce your administrative burden, simplify your payment processes, save you time and money and make life a whole lot easier for everyone involved.
Our solutions include everything from streamlining your food & travel expenses to perfecting your payment processes to reorganising your employee eye examination procedures.
Services Offered:

Employee Benefits – 

• Childcare Vouchers
• Employee Savings
• Savings
• Flexible Benefits
• Total Reward Statements
• Voluntary Benefits
• Compliments Flex
• Salary-Deducted Loans
• Workplace Pensions
• Cycle to Work
• Luncheon Vouchers
• ePayslips

Incentives and Rewards – 

• Connect Recognition
• Connect Incentive
• Select eReward Codes
• Incentive Award Card
• Compliments Vouchers
• Compliments Card
• Compliments Experiences
• Compliments Passport
• Ticket Restaurant®
• Retailer Cards & Vouchers
• Christmas Rewards

Expense Management – 

• Premium Prepaid Card
• Food Expenses
• Eyecare Vouchers
• Leave & Absence


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