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At the heart of our business is a diverse team of specialist advisers, each with a unique knowledge base within their specific area. Our company structure and systems, finely-tuned over the years, enables our advisers to remain intricately linked to provide clients with coordinated, end-to-end solutions whenever required.

This ethos is one that continually upholds good-practice, encourages proactivity and ultimately benefits our client’s bottom line.


Pensions Governance

• Potential cost savings compared to traditional governance services
• Assurance that your scheme is running efficiently and productively
• Visible demonstration to your employees of your responsibility and support
• Tangible evidence of employee appreciation
• Early identification of new legislation and changes to regulations and taxation
• Close monitoring of employee engagement and funding levels
• Opportunity for employee representation
• Proactive monitoring of risks
• Help and guidance in establishing your management committee
• Comprehensive governance reports
• On-going reliable input, advice and guidance

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is a form of benefit that is provided for an employee’s family or dependants upon their death and is usually based on the employee’s earnings (e.g. up to 12x their annual salary) but this can be tailored to the employer’s policy needs.

Group Life Insurance is often the sole life insurance provision that low to middle income earners will have to support them should the worst happen. The protection they receive from this insurance can provide essential financial protection together with emotional support for your employees and their dependants.

Group Income Protection

If you are one of the 17,000 UK employers that offers group income protection, then you are one of the few businesses that considers their people as their most important asset.
A Group Income Protection policy is designed to provide a replacement income in the event of accident, illness or incapacity preventing a staff member from working.
In addition, it can include:

• Employee Assistance Programmes (such as counselling)
• Rehabilitation Services
• Legal and HR Helplines
• Early Intervention Services

Group Critical Illness Cover

Taking out a protection policy such as Group Critical Illness cover, is akin to providing a ‘living benefit’ for your employees; a reassurance of financial help if they suffer critical illness whilst under your employment, such as cancer, a stroke, heart disease or other condition as listed in the policy.

In the event of a claim, the lump sum payable has the potential to help your employee return to work when the time is right, without the stress of financial considerations being the driving force. It can also help pay the cost of their treatment, nursing or re-cooperative care, help towards adaptations to their home or any other financial commitments that they may have.

Lifestyle Benefits

Broadstone advises clients on a wide range of employee benefits. We support businesses through design, implementation and review of these benefits. We also provide feasibility reviews to find the approach that fits with your business.

Our employee benefits consulting team have years of experience with companies of all sizes. No matter your need, your industry or the history of your benefits scheme, we can work with you to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Employee Assistance Programme

If you are yet to consider an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) either as a stand-alone benefit for your staff, or integrated as part of your employee benefits package, we recommend you do so, utilising our guidance and that of our recommended partner company.

We know there are plenty of employee assistance program companies out there – but we also know that here at Broadstone, we will give you expert advice and service ensuring you get the right type of EAP for your needs.

Health & Wellbeing

The reality of actually implementing such programs can sometimes feel more difficult than they should do though. This is where Broadstone comes in – we have experienced health and wellbeing benefit consultants available to advise and help with designing, implementing broking health and wellbeing benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Financial education

Would you be surprised if we said that the two main concerns facing your employees today are likely to be connected to their finances and mental health problems?
Not only that, but employees are most likely to want to seek advice in these areas from their employer.

But it is improbable that they will make their worries directly known for fear of the implications such conversations could have on how they are perceived in the workplace.
Increasingly, financial education & engagement for employees is being viewed as an important employee benefit, and one that is both valued and engaged with.

Benefits Software
Our Employee Benefits Software offers you a platform that is as flexible and accessible as you need it to be.
Managing your company benefits program should be easy, accessible and efficient, as well as allowing you to have complete control over the management of it.

Then, of course, you’ll also want to ensure that the experience is engaging for your workforce, and they can interact and manage their benefits anywhere and at any time through the employee benefits software.

Employee Discounts

From mobile phones to gym membership, from restaurants to car hire, we can help you build an employee discount scheme that’s right for your business.
Employee discount schemes are a great way to help your work force’s salary stretch further, whilst also making them feel valued by you, their employer.

Healthcare Plans

Broadstone are proud to introduce a new type of health plan brought to you by Equipsme. It’s designed for businesses that are often priced out of providing healthcare cover for their employees. The simple pricing structure makes it affordable whilst offering employees the choice to upgrade their level of cover and add family members.


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