About Us

At the Employee Benefits Directory it is our primary objective to bring together benefits providers and buyers of services and products within the Employee Benefits industry.

The Employee Benefits Directory is an independent introducer of services and products and we do not provide recommendations or earn commission from providers for sales they get from the site.

We strongly feel that Impartiality is the best way for us to operate and by providing detailed information about our providers and their services in order that buyers can make an informed decision as to which providers they wish to make contact with.

Our shortlist functionality allows buyers to easily shortlist any number of providers across multiple categories and through a simple web form and single click process request contact from all the providers without having to spend hours contacting each one individually.

Buyers of Employee Benefits often find it difficult to find benefit providers and often it takes considerable time and effort to research and reach out, the Employee Benefits Directory makes this process simple as it is a one stop shop for all your Employee Benefits needs as a buyer.

What are the benefits to Employee Benefits Buyers?

  • Free service

  • Choose from benefits categories across all markets

  • Comprehensive list of benefit providers to choose from

  • Fully Independent listings (with NO commissions on our side)

  • Detailed information for each benefits provider allowing you to make informed decisions and shortlist to suit your specific needs

  • Keep up to date with existing and new benefit providers as they enter the market

  • Shortlist potential benefit providers and get them to contact you using our shortlist functionality (Don’t waste your valuable time chasing benefit providers, have them contact you)

What are the benefits to Employee Benefits Providers?

  • Generate new business leads from interested buyers

  • Decrease your new business sales lead times

  • Receive real time leads by e-mail from interested buyers who use our shortlist functionality

  • Increase your brand awareness in the market and stay ahead of your competitors

  • Opportunities to have featured advertising

  • Low cost high return service